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Mystica is a versatile art generator capable of creating custom images and movies for a variety of projects. Rather than designing standard still images, the program allows you to produce actual artwork. In addition to basic 2D designs, Mystica features a built-in 3D engine. You can render images and movies at any size, export them in all major graphics formats, and let Mystica generate a HTML gallery for you. 3D images are uniquely interactive, and may be explored in real time by means of helicopter, car, virtual camera, or just by walking. The 3D Viewer allows to take screenshots from all perpectives. The underlying 3D engine has the power and complexity of modern game engines and can be used for your own products. Mystica's 2D editor includes six different freely combinable algorithms, each generating its own image style. You can configure the sequence setting for managing the complexity of your scene. An interesting feature is the Chaos function, which allows you to add "chaotic" structures while preserving the image design. Next, the program provides a complete tool for customizing the color scheme, perhaps to match your web site. There are also sliding scales for mixing linear and exponential colors. Finally, there's a Viewpoint section for navigating through a scene. Multilevel Undo and Snapshot functions as well as editable presets for both image design and coloring guarantee fast explorative results. The movie generator interpolates between given images. Movies can be exported in all major video formats (divx, mpeg etc). Rendering is done fully automated in background. Rendered assets can then be explored in 3D or furtheron edited, e.g. by applying various effects (filters, 3D lighting, layering, coloring etc). Both the effect and 3D section are also available for images of other sources. This shareware version is fully functional, but places a watermark on all output. The integrated 3D part is pure fun - a worthwile break for your mind.

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